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Our team is ready to elevate your space with fast turnaround times, and an attention to detail that comes from years of experience.

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Legacy Coatings was founded by a local husband and wife team with years of experience in this industry. We are bringing our experience to Magic Valley to help you elevate your space.

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The industrial grade materials we use in our work are UV stable so whether your project is indoors or out, we’ve got you covered.

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We stand behind our work, and our materials, by providing a warranty on everything we do so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made a long-lasting and quality decision that will look good for years to come.

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Before we start each project we professionally prepare the surface to allow for a tight bond with our coatings products. Whether it’s epoxy, overlays, staining, or sealing our prep work makes the difference giving you confidence that what we’ve installed won’t chip, flake, peel, or crack.

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Flake Coatings

Flake coatings offer a myriad of benefits, making them an excellent choice for various surfaces. These coatings provide exceptional durability, protecting floors from wear and tear, stains, and chemicals, thus extending their lifespan significantly. Their unique composition ensures resistance to abrasions and impacts, making them ideal for high-traffic areas such as garages, commercial spaces, and industrial facilities. Moreover, epoxy flake coatings come in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing for customization to suit any aesthetic preference. Beyond their visual appeal, these coatings also offer enhanced safety by providing slip-resistant surfaces, reducing the risk of accidents. With easy maintenance and long-lasting performance, epoxy flake coatings prove to be a cost-effective solution for enhancing both the durability and appearance of surfaces.

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Finish Options:

Metallic Flooring

Metallic epoxy is a special multi-layered epoxy floor coating system that incorporates the use of a metallic additive mixed into a clear epoxy coating to create exotic effects. This metallic powder continues to move through the epoxy as it cures creating the marbled or pearlescent design.

Locations suitable for metallic flooring:

Surface Overlays

Our granite and polymer overlays are a great solution for high traffic, high exposure areas. Our 4 layers of material overlay ensures a strong and lasting bond to your concrete or asphalt surface which prevents unwanted peeling. Our overlay system can be installed with any custom color you’d like which will keep it’s luster with a UV stable product. The overlay is a non slip coating to keep you on your feet.

Locations suitable for Overlays

Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating is a protective process that involves applying a thin layer of specialized sealant over the surface of asphalt pavement. This sealant serves as a barrier against various elements such as UV rays, water, oils, and other harmful substances that can deteriorate the asphalt over time. By providing a protective shield, sealcoating helps extend the lifespan of the pavement and enhances its appearance. The benefits of asphalt sealcoating are numerous. Firstly, it acts as a waterproofing agent, preventing water penetration and reducing the risk of cracks and potholes. Secondly, it safeguards the pavement against oxidation caused by exposure to sunlight, which can lead to fading and brittleness. Furthermore, sealcoating provides a smooth, uniform finish, improving the aesthetics of the pavement and enhancing curb appeal. Ultimately, asphalt sealcoating is a cost-effective maintenance solution that preserves and enhances the longevity, durability, and overall quality of asphalt surfaces.

Concrete Sealing

Sealing your concrete surface not only increases its longevity, but helps it to resist oils, stains, and harsh weather. Sealed concrete surfaces are less prone to cracking, flaking, and spalling. Sealing your concrete surface can help “pull out” the color variations in the surface and make the area pop. It provides a wet or polished look to the space. Sealing can be an effective and very cost-efficient method to keep your surface looking fresh and vibrant while avoiding mold and mildew as well!

Locations suitable for sealing

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining is an effective and efficient way to give concrete surfaces superior protection in addition to improving the appearance of the space. We offer a variety of types, colors and finishes, ensuring we have a great option for your home or business.

Locations suitable for staining

Line Striping

Our parking lot striping services offer a comprehensive solution to enhance the functionality and appearance of your parking area. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in the precise application of clear and durable markings, ensuring optimal space utilization and smooth traffic flow. We understand the importance of safety, which is why our striping services include clearly defined lines, symbols, and signage to guide drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, minimizing the risk of accidents and confusion. Additionally, we prioritize quality and longevity, using high-quality paint and materials that withstand heavy traffic and weather conditions. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that your parking lot remains organized, efficient, and visually appealing. With our parking lot striping services, you can create a professional and welcoming environment for your visitors while maximizing the functionality of your parking space.

Recreational Court

Keeping your sporting court looking fresh and brand new is simple with our hard surface sport coatings. We make sure your court can survive the wide range of weather we see in the area so it won’t fade, peel, or crack in the elements. Coating your court also provides extra protection against the wear and tear that comes from constant player use. Whether it is a pickleball, basketball, tennis, or any other court for that matter we’ve got a solution for you indoor or out.